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Hi! My name is Xuan. I work as a data scientist.
This blog is documenting my ideas, thoughts, epiphanies, and side hustle progress. Moreover, it is also serving as a motivation for me to explore the unknown.
Nowadays, I am writing about data structures and algorithms, big data, data science, and English exams.


Ideally speaking,
Life is made of things that we eventually won’t remember. I would like to record my paths and adventures so that when I die, I know I have done this much. This site is for future Xuan and people who are exploring in the same routes as I am.
Practically speaking,
I would like to store my experience and knowledge here so that I won’t have to waste time solving the same problems in the future.


Every once or twice a month, I summerize what I am doing. It could be a project, finished or unfinished, an idea, realistic or impractical, or a pattern, unified or specified.


03/14/2021 in Sacramento